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The Inperium model

Putting our hive mind to work for you

Growing an organization is hard

It takes patience, perseverance, and grit.

Many businesses trying to expand are understaffed, underresourced, and feel like they’re doing it alone.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

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Collaboration opens new possibilities

Inperium partners with health and human services organizations to create a resource-rich network. This helps businesses grow sustainably–without sacrificing their values, identity, or mission.

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Independent identities connected

As a member of Inperium’s network, your organization maintains its own identity but benefits from being part of a greater whole.

Our partners experience

  • Reduced administrative and business costs
  • Greater efficiency
  • Organic growth


You’re still yourself. You just have a bigger team behind you.

Inperium in action

"When Advancing Opportunities affiliated with Inperium over three years ago, it was a challenging time for us as we transitioned to a fee-for-service model. As an agency known for quality services, managing the costs of administrative services to support the service delivery was becoming financially difficult.


“Inperium’s model for management services and leadership guidance immediately allowed Advancing Opportunities to reduce costs, preserve our mission, and guaranteed our ability to continue serving the disability community in New Jersey.


“Today, Advancing Opportunities thrives within the Inperium network. We partner with similar organizations with a shared mission and values, and we have expanded and grown our services within the state to serve more people."


Paul Ronollo MSW, LSW, Executive Director
-Advancing Opportunities

Our process

Here’s how we partner with organizations like yours.

Assess your organization's needs
Customize a partnership that fits your goals
Collaborate for a greater future
Frequently asked questions
Q: What is the primary advantage of joining Inperium’s network?

A: Organic growth. As part of a larger group, Inperium partner organizations are better insulated from challenges and fluctuations in the market. This frees up our partners to focus on their mission, offer better services, and expand more quickly. Explore our current network partners.

Q: Can you give me some examples of how Inperium reduces costs?

A: Inperium’s network experiences better banking and financial services, especially when it comes to more favorable lending terms in real estate and debt financing. Partners also see reduced costs in workers' compensation, insurance policies, and employee health and welfare benefit costs. Inperium’s large-scale buying power also helps organizations enjoy lower prices for electricity, fleet maintenance, and office supplies. Learn more about our solutions.

Q: How does joining Inperium’s network impact the people we serve?

A. As part of a larger network, your organization is more secure. That means your existing services and the mission behind them stay intact. The people you serve are in safe hands. You’re able to further your mission with stability and grow organically and sustainably.

Q: What are the terms of an Inperium partnership?

A: Every partnership is unique and customized to your organization's situation, so there isn't a one-size-fits-all answer to this question. After your organization and Inperium both complete due diligence to make sure we're a good fit, we work together to design an agreement that will create mutual success for all. To learn more, see our full process timeline. You can also take our personalized assessment to further explore how joining the Inperium network can shape your organization's future.