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How the Inperium partnership process works

What to expect

Regardless of your industry or partnership type, becoming a member of Inperium’s network is a process that typically takes 6-13 months to complete. We want to make sure partnership is a good idea for both of us so we can offer the best to our existing network. 

Here’s a breakdown of a typical process and timeline, and what you can expect on your journey to Inperium partnership.

From “Hello”
Non-disclosure agreement

We start with an NDA. Since we want to be able to speak openly and frankly about our business and yours, confidentiality is paramount. We want you to feel comfortable sharing details about your organization, and we’ll do the same.

5 business days
Letter of intent

Here’s where we summarize what we intend to do with this partnership. The letter of intent protects your organization and Inperium through the partnership process until we have a definitive legal agreement.

7-10 business days
Month 1
Due diligence

Let’s make sure we’re a good fit for each other. Your organization and Inperium spend 60 days doing a fiscal, programmatic, business operations, and legal review. We also conduct a risk and technology assessment and get any approvals we may need to move forward with a partnership.

15-60 business days
Month 2
Month 3
Definitive agreement

Once we’ve done our due diligence, we define the terms of our partnership. We agree on board actions, consents, modifications, assignments, and notices. We also go over employment contracts for your key staff and administrative and management services agreements.

30 business days
Month 4
Month 5
Regulatory approvals

If your partnership agreement requires regulatory approvals, this is where it will happen. We get the go-ahead from the relevant regulator and notify the necessary parties based on your state.

Up to 60 business days
Month 6
Month 7

The big day has arrived. After your board and ours approve the partnership and sign the paperwork, your status as an Inperium partner is official. We’ll bring the confetti.

30 business days
Month 8
Month 9
Integration planning

After our celebration, we plan exactly how Inperium will work most effectively for you. We map out the information gathered during our due diligence and assign targets for your full integration as part of the Inperium network.

30 business days
Month 10
Month 11
Full implementation

The final step in the process: You’re fully integrated into Inperium’s network and starting to reap the benefits of our support. It’s time to save on costs, work more efficiently, and grow organically to meet your goals.

180 business days
Month 12
To “Partners”
Is an Inperium partnership right for your organization?

If you're ready to make meaningful change in your organization, an Inperium partnership might be right for you. We offer access to expertise to guide you through your next phase, logistics support that reduces costs, and new lines of capital to accelerate your transformation. Take our personalized assessment to learn more.

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