John Loyack

John Loyack

Senior Executive Vice President for Finance & Chief Operations Officer

As the Senior Executive Vice President for Finance & Chief Operations Officer, John Loyack brings a variety of business acumen and exceptional leadership. His span of control includes Apis Services, all fiscal oversight within Inperium’s constellation, treasury and banking relationships, new deal/affiliation prospecting and integration. John and his team’s priorities include the oversight of initiatives to take the organization into the future, that include, but not limited to driving affiliate operational efficiency, program effectiveness, business process scalability, new affiliate integration success and overall financial performance.

Prior to joining Inperium, John served as the President of Alvernia University, where he led a successful effort to restructure the institution, develop and implement a five-year, student-centric, strategic plan, attract the university’s three largest incoming student classes, and secure the highest government grants and individual philanthropic gift in Alvernia’s history.

Prior to his tenure at Alvernia, Mr. Loyack served as executive vice president for business and administration at King’s College in Wilkes-Barre, PA, where he was credited for his skills in team building, financial management, community engagement and an intense focus on student success.

As a CPA and in addition to working within higher; John spent many years as a corporate executive in the energy, transportation and manufacturing fields, leading many businesses as a chief executive officer or chief financial officer.

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