Conexio Care, Inc. Acquires Connections Community Support Programs, Inc.

Conexio Care, Inc., an affiliate of Inperium, Inc., has acquired all of the business of Connections Community Support Programs, Inc. (“CCSP”), Delaware’s largest nonprofit human services provider. The transaction was concluded pursuant to Section 363 of the Bankruptcy Code. Conexio Care served as the stalking-horse bidder and acquired the business of CCSP.

Conexio Care, Inc. will provide a comprehensive array of health care, housing, and employment opportunities to assist individuals and families in achieving their goals and enhancing their communities. Conexio Care strives to ensure that everyone has 24/7 access to quality health care and treatment for substance use and mental health disorders, while simultaneously aiding them in lifelong recovery, providing support services that will allow them to return to a stable and productive lifestyle. These services will be provided by approximately 1,100 staff working from more than 100 locations across Delaware.

This transaction completed by Inperium, Inc. is expected to add approximately $72.5 million to Inperium’s consolidated revenues.

Inperium Founding President and Chief Executive Officer, Ryan Smith, commented regarding thistransaction: “We are very pleased to be moving forward with this acquisition that will position Conexio for sustained, long-term success. The COVID crisis demonstrated conclusively that the services offered by Conexio are essential to their communities of which they are a part.”

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