Jon Swatsburg, Abraxas President & CEO Announces his departure.

March 16, 2023


Jon Swatsburg, Abraxas President & CEO Announces his departure.

After more than 25 years with Abraxas, it is with mixed emotions that Jon Swatsburg has
announced his decision to depart Abraxas.

Mr. Swatsburg commented “My time at Abraxas has been amazing, and I am thankful for the
experiences, relationships, and opportunities. Abraxas is a special place, thanks in large part to
its hard-working and dedicated employees who care deeply about the clients we serve. After
holding the reins, as Abraxas CEO, for 18 of my 25+ years of service, I feel it is time for me to
move on and pursue other opportunities and with Abraxas celebrating its 50th anniversary this
year, the timing feels right for my departure. During my transition period, I will be working
collaboratively with Inperium and the remaining Abraxas leadership to identify Abraxas’ next
head, someone who can continue to lead the organization and explore new heights. I cannot
thank all the Abraxas staff, clients, and customers enough for the support you have shown me
during my tenure. I also appreciate Inperium’s help and support during the affiliation and look
forward to them making my transition as seamless as possible.”

Inperium Founder and CEO, Ryan Smith commented, “On behalf of Inperium, I would like to
thank Jon for his many years of dedicated service to Abraxas and the people it supports. Post
affiliation, Jon and Abraxas have been instrumental to our Constellation’s growth and success,
and we wish him all the best with his future endeavors. We look forward to working closely with
Jon in ensuring a smooth, collaborative, and positive transition and celebrating Abraxas as well
as his accomplishments at Abraxas’ 50th-anniversary festivities in the fall.”

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