Case Studies

Improving Quality & Revenue While Minimizing Costs

Following several years of operating losses brought on by the changing landscape in this organizations particular field, this organization was faced with immense financial and liquidity hurdles that jeopardized its ability to make payroll in the Summer of 2017.

The Chief Operating Officer approached Inperium, Inc. regarding affiliation at that time, and was able to secure a bridge loan of $400,000 from Inperium to support operations and cover payroll while due diligence and the negotiation of the definitive agreement were completed. In addition to providing working capital, the Inperium team quickly went to work to identify and implement cost saving measures, without compromising the quality of care.

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Growth Without Sacrifice

Affiliation through Inperium, Inc. is founded on one main principle: affiliation without concession. We believe that an organization does not need to sacrifice their mission and culture in order to grow, and that it should rather be embraced. As seen within the graph, affiliate organizations can see exponential growth and increased revenues when leveraging the economies of scale offered within the Inperium Constellation of Affiliates.

Through successfully leveraging Inperium’s economies of scale, this organization has seen a steady increase in revenues while also expanding their service lines and expanding their geographical footprint across Pennsylvania.


Organizational Growth Through Affiliation

Inperium, Inc. prides itself on helping develop and grow the mission and vision of our affiliate organizations. Through harnessing the resources included with affiliation, many companies are able to see a steady increase in organizational growth.

Following affiliation, this particular organization has continued to enhance its systems supporting both service delivery and
operational efficiency. This company has also successfully implemented the time and attendance systems of Apis Services, Inc. to maximize staffing efficiencies, driving increased profitability per home, without compromising quality care.

Total Homes
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