Justin Hymon

Justin Hymon
Chief Diversity Officer, Inperium, Inc. & Chief Executive Officer, Apis Services, Inc.

Justin Hymon has been a pioneering leader in the Human Services industry for over 20 years.  Mr. Hymon currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer and the Chief Diversity Officer of Apis Services, Inc.

Formerly the Executive Director of Supportive Concepts for Families, Inc. (SCFFI), Mr. Hymon played a major role in expanding the size, scope, and capacity of the Residential and Adult Treatment Programs administered by the organization. Under his leadership, SCFFI maintained its reputation for providing high-quality services and supports for individuals with Behavioral Health/Intellectual and/or Developmental Disabilities. During his tenure with SCFFI, Mr. Hymon led the operations of the IDD Programs across 3 Regions, including Northeast, Central, and Southeast Pennsylvania providing care and support to 345 consumers and over 1220 employees. During his 15-year career with SCFFI, Mr. Hymon also oversaw the diversification of operations to include IDD Residential Homes, Adult Training Programs, Life Sharing Programs, CHIPP Services, Home-Based Waiver Programs, and Transportation Programs. While at SCFFI, Mr. Hymon assisted in growing the organization from roughly $9 million in annualized revenues in 2003 to $61million in 2018. SCFFI was the first affiliate to join Inperium in 2016, in order to leverage the scales of economy, while maintaining its unique identity, mission, vision, and values.

Recognizing the need to assist individuals being released from long-term State Hospitalization, Mr. Hymon applied his organizational development experience from SCFFI to help create Alvarium Healthcare (Alvarium) in 2018. He served as Alvarium’s inaugural Chief Executive Officer with the goal of establishing, implementing, and sustaining the pursuit of the mission, vision and values of the newly created entity. At present, Alvarium has become a well-established private nonprofit organization dedicated to providing community-based residential supports and services to individuals experiencing complex physical, medical, and behavioral health needs across Northeast and Central Pennsylvania.

Based on Mr. Hymon’s proven track record of success in overseeing strong operations and establishing enduring successful start-ups, he was excited to accept the challenge to direct the development of Apis Services when offered the opportunity.  Apis Services provides the shared ‘back-office’ offerings to affiliate organizations within the Inperium constellation allowing these entities to advance their mission, vision, and values. His current responsibilities include directing the base shared service platform offered by Apis, supporting Executive leadership in the deployment and integration of the shared services, and ensuring that Apis is routinely pursuing its mission, vision and values, namely providing unparalleled customer care to the affiliated entities.

Having demonstrated expertise and leadership in the matters of not-for-profit organizational governance, Mr. Hymon was also elected to serve as the inaugural Chair of the Advisory Board Moreover, in 2019 he was honored to be named Chief Diversity Officer of Apis Services, Inc. after receiving the National Diversity Council CDP Designation in May of 2019. Through this position, Mr. Hymon promotes a culture of inclusion for all employees regardless of = racial and ethnic identity, age, nationality, social and/or economic status, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, religion, political and ideological perspectives, and/or physical and mental ability. Mr. Hymon directs the collaboration with senior leaders to integrate diversity best-practices into organizational employment and workplace procedures, including business practices and program development.  Through these collaborations, Mr. Hymon works closely with Apis Service’s leadership and its affiliate organizations to shape and implement investments, plans, and strategies aligned with organizational goals while continuing to create a welcoming environment for all.

Mr. Hymon is a 2002 graduate of Alvernia College with a degree in Criminal Justice where he was a member of the National Criminal Justice Honor Society (Alpha Phi Sigma) and a member of the St. Thomas More Honor Society.

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