Alek Hoyos

Alek Hoyos
Chief of Staff & Legal Inperium of New York, Inc.

Alek Hoyos joined Inperium of New York, Inc. as the Chief of Staff & Legal in February 2023. As Chief of Staff, his core duties revolved around the strategies defined by the CEO of Inperium of New York, Inc. and as liaison to Inperium Inc.’s C-Suite.

Prior to joining Inperium, he was Chief of Staff & Information Technology with YAI, Inc. where he was tasked in mobilizing and aligning YAI’s Information Technology department with the agency’s needs. He also acted as the CEO’s liaison to his C-suite in assessing and updating key performance indicators and OKRs and partnering with various stakeholders in setting goals, tracking progress, and a robust cadence for delivery. Throughout his career he managed teams, across international markets and in the US. Thus, gaining an opportunity to collaborate with some of the biggest companies and brands across multiple regions in reaching their technology potential through broad, accelerated transformations.
Alek received his B.A. from The University of Texas, his first master’s from The University of Texas, his second master’s form New York University and his Ph.D. from New York University in International Economics.

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